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Welcome To Porche Home

We are a comprehensive, boutique Custom Builder & Interior Design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Our expertise covers everything from your mailbox to your property line—from the foundation to the tip-top of your roof.  We can design and build anything, but our secret is in building relationships that last.  By really getting to know you and your family, we can create beautiful spaces that serve your lifestyle and celebrate your personality.

Once Upon a Time

Designing and building was one of the great joys in life—the fruit of success. 

These days, every step of the process is a gamble because so many contractors are just middle men, and self-taught interior designers are posing as experts (which poses problems).  The process itself has become very disjointed; and the results—unreliable.

Customers deserve reliability, not to mention integrity, and a wholistic creative approach.  So, after years of working hand-in-hand as a husband and wife team, Kevin and Cynthia Porche decided to merge their separate, award-winning businesses, and create a far-better experience.

They named the new brand Porche Home and dedicated themselves to being the top-down solution for discerning home owners.

In addition to custom building and interior design, we boast a 4,000 sq ft showroom and design studio, where we sell higher-end furniture and home decor at competitive pricing—including our own custom line, the Porche Home Collection.  

It’s an inspirational oasis.  Come see for yourself.  From a relaxing initial meeting to a rewarding final reveal, we’re bringing joy back to every step of the process.

Custom Building

New Home Construction
Master Craftsmanship
Luxury Amenities

Interior Design

Discovery & Design
Sourcing & Selections
Ordering & Installation


Additions & Modifications
Updates & Restorations
Hardscaping & Installation

Home Furnishing

Furniture & Home Decor
Custom Treatments
Signature Porche Home Collection™ 

What we’re Known For


We hold ourselves to a high standard across every aspect of our business, from process to materials to customer service.


Beyond being truthful, this means educating clients on maintenance, accurately estimating bids, and not allowing costs to snowball.


Consumer loyalty shouldn’t be a one-way street.  Our clients are often long-term partners and we’re loyal to them as well.

We Promise To Be:

Upscale without being Uppity

Fearless without being Foolish

Realistic without being Rude

Brutally Honest without being Brutal

Timeless without being Stuck In The Past

High-End without being High-Brow

Narrow-Focused without being Narrow-Minded

Under-Budget without being Underwhelming

Unconventional without being Undisciplined

“For me, its all about the final reveal.  Seeing the look on their faces, that’s why I’m in it.”





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Site Design & Development by Clifton Rhoad