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Our Design Services

Cindy & Kevin,

Heather and I have always said that if things went bad, we could always just enjoy our home. Good news, things are still going well from a work standpoint, but the virus has certainly isolated us from going anywhere!

I've been meaning to write this email for awhile and tell you that we really enjoy our home! You both are have made such a positive impact in our lives and we see it every day. As an example, we exercise in our home gym (now with 2 Peleton bikes) then use our great steam room; walk through the fantastic bar area to take a swim; use the elevator to go upstairs and go past the newly remodeled bathrooms. We can look down to our beautiful first floor and see all the fantastic design work in the kitchen, greatroom, study and dining room. We take Ranger for a walk and see the nicest looking house in the neighborhood with all the new stone, shutters, gutters, cedar, etc.

So thanks for making our home so beautiful that we're living in our own home resort!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!